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Project Description:

The goal of this project is to develop Massive Multiplayer Online Action Engine that allows developing MMO games with distributed game-model calculation for massive 3d actions.

These games will allow a hundreds or if we will be lucky with implementation – thousands users are playing in 3d action games at the same time.

This engine will be good for MMO action games like WWII (battle field), Space Battles etc.

For the rendering engine we will use Microsoft XNA. It's will be writing using .NET C# and Direct X components.

This engine will allow any users easy and fast to create their own MMO action 3d game

  • News
    • Currently I am in process of refactoring Quad Tree project. I want integrate MMO engine and estimate cost of integration to make this process more easily in future.
  • General info
    • We will develop special MMO Game Server for our MMO Framework using DirectPlay X
    • XNA is used like rendering engine
  • Features to implement
    • Logging
    • Advanced exception handling
    • Framework documentation
    • Persistent storage
    • Approximate smooth animation
    • Distributed Adhoc events implementation (shoots, collision, explosion.. etc)

About MMO Game Server

Our first goal is to proof our concept of MMO Engine. Our next step is building strong relationships with a developers to help reduce costs of development MMO games. We will improve our system based on feedback from them.

The MMO Game Server takes care of scalability, threading, locking, and failover. This allows the game programmer to focus just on the game objects and how they should behave. Persistence is handled through a highly optimized in-memory database.

We are using fast optimized binary serialization over DirectPlay connection. It does allow reduce traffic and increase speed of data transfer. We are in process of development advanced object synchronization mechanism that allow easy to synchronize data on server and clients side. Engine business model will be easy to understand and will be use managed code(C#). It will use all advantages of .NET technology.

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